The Yogie Wheel helps us find out who we are going to meet on each of our adventures. Utilizing a game-based learning approach, the Yogie Wheel has ten spaces with eight different animals and two spots to take a break. The classic television show, Wheel of Fortune, served as inspiration for the Yogie Wheel as spinning a wheel (with the uncertainty of where it will land) has always been a source of entertainment for children and adults alike.

As the story of the day begins, we will spin the wheel to find out who we are going to meet on our adventure. For example, if the wheel stops on a cat, then we will teach the corresponding yoga pose while playing the original cat song written and produced from our talented head of music, Gabriel Reed. The wheel will then be spun again to find out who else will be a part of the adventure and what poses we will learn for the day.

The eight animal spaces will constantly change as more poses are taught and more music is learned.

The two additional spaces (red and yellow) are to “Ask Yogie” and to take a “Meditation Break.”

You never know where the Yogie Wheel is going to land, which makes our classes that much more exciting for the children and teachers as well.