THE YOGIE dogie flow

The Yogie Dog Flow is our interpretation of a typical yoga sequence that are taught in adult yoga classes. There are many learning objectives present in every Yogie Land class, but repetition is one of the most important. This is where the Yogie Dogie Flow plays an important role.

After each spin of the Yogie Wheel, we meet a different animal on our adventure. Subsequently, we will place that animal on our Yogie Dogie Flow board. For example, if we land on a cow, we will place the matching cow image in sequential order on the Yogie Dogie Flow board. We have a maximum of 7 spaces (with the first space always a dog pose and sleepy pose always in the seventh spot).

The spaces from 2-6 will always be different as the Yogie Wheel will determine the flow for that particular class. On any given day the flow could be the following:

  1. Dog

  2. Cow

  3. Monkey

  4. Turtle

  5. Snake

  6. Butterfly

  7. Sleepy

Towards the end of class (before we rest), we will look at the Yogie Dogie Flow for the day and go over it a couple of times, so children can go home and show their parents what they learned. An additional handout “What Did You Learn Today” will also be given to help children reinforce the learning objectives that were set out at the beginning of class.