While we do not ascribe to one particular set of learning methodologies for young children, Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development most closely aligns with our philosophy for Yogie Land. As a program that works with ages 6 months - 8 years of age, we have seen firsthand the ways in which children grow through the sensorimotor and preoperational stages. As such, we have created our curriculum to follow these stages of development as children’s physical and emotional skills begin to increase.

At Yogie Land, we are a hybrid of music, yoga, educational learning games and puppetry. Each of these modalities have a wide range of benefits for young children including increased socio-emotional development, advanced gross and fine motor skills, and rhythmic and language acquisition. We believe that children learn best through play-based immersion and have carefully curated our classes to inspire creativity, confidence-building, and enhanced communication. By incorporating music, puppetry and games with yoga, we have found that our classes are fully inclusive and allow for all children to comfortably be a part of our Yogie Land adventures.